E – Update #5

E - Part Four of L.O.V.E

We’re down to the final week before “E – Part Four of L.O.V.E” is about to released, which means that this is you last chance to pre-order a CD, T-shirt or any of the other items on the pledge site.

All the items are hand made by me and are exclusive to this EP, meaning they will only be available for pre-order and can’t be purchased after the release. All the CDs have hand made covers and are signed as well. The posters are signed and numbered.

You’ve heard some previews of the songs and I hope you like them. Today I’m posting a little video blog from when we’re mixing the song Lower Case Letters. As you know my producers have each chosen one of my previously released songs to make a re-make of and Marcus chose Lower Case  Letters from the album Jonestown.

As usual you’ll get to hear a preview of the finished song at the end of the video.

E – Update #3

E - Part Four of L.O.V.E update #3

Here’s a video from the studio when we recorded the vocals for “7 Miles Wide” Marcus has recorded a bunch of guitars and Joakim Lundgren has added drums as well. You’ll also get to hear an exclusive preview of the finished version of the song at the end of the video featuring Pontus Borg on vocals.

Thanks for helping out to fund this last EP in the L.O.V.E saga. Go here to help us finish the EP so we can release it on November 1st as planned.

Thank you Toronto!

Sofia Talvik live at Indieweek Toronto

I had a great time in Toronto! I did 4 shows at Indieweek and played for some great crowds! My favorite show was at Free times café – a wonderful little venue. Thanks to all who came to see my shows and to Indiweek for inviting me!

Here’s a little video from my performance at Free times café.

Sofia Talvik performing “At the End” live at Free Times Café

All tomorrow’s parties

I have an exciting fall ahead of me. My album Jonestown is being released in the US, Canada and Japan at the end of October and I have a lot of fun gigs coming up both in Sweden and in the US. The good thing is that a lot of these gigs are free and you should definitely swing by if you’re in the neighbourhood. Here’s what’s coming up:

Sofia Talvik live at Musslan, Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden:
September 22nd: Musslan, Dalagatan 46
No admission

September 29th: Berlin bar, Skånegatan 71
No admission
Sign up to the event on Facebook here

New York, NY, USA
October 22nd: CMJ, The Swedish Showcase, hosted by Music export Sweden at Norwood, 241 W 14 Street

More gigs in the US will be announced shortly.

Christian Kjellvander + Sofia Talvik = Sant

Imorgon smäller det!!
Då släpps min tredje skiva “Jonestown” i butiker och on-line. Som ett smakprov på låtarna från skivan har jag under sommaren ställt upp 12 svenska favoritartister framför min webbkamera och framfört alla låtarna från albumet live.

Idag ser ni mig och Christian Kjellvander.

Sofia Talvik / Christian Kjellvander – At the end

Om ni vill lyssan mera på hur det riktiga albumet låter så kan ni förhandslyssna på det på MySpace just nu.
Lyssna här: http://www.myspace.com/sofiatalvik

Vill ni köpa albumet signerat och få det hemskickat utan att betala frakt?!
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