The Jonestown Report


The Jonestown Report is a site sponsored by the Department of religious studies at the San Diego University. Their goal is to document all sorts of stuff about People’s Temple and the Jonestown tragedy in 1978.

As my album is named after this event, The Jonestown Report made an interview with me about my decision to call my album “Jonestown”, and my thoughts about what happened there.

Read all about Sofia Talvik and The Jonestown report HERE

Sofia Talvik – because I care

Yet another post today. I’m keeping busy!
Sometimes I get fan mail and I try to answer them all, unless they’re really weird or really dirty. A while back I got a fan mail from a girl called Jenny. I laughed all day because of her email, because she requested a picture of me, but she wouldn’t settle for the usual press photo – she wanted a pic of me with an pet. I’m a big fan of Erik Eriksson’s book “Brev till samhället” which basically is Erik sending all sorts of weird letters to different companies, banks, gouverments etc, demanding all sorts of strange stuff and then publish their answers. I kind of felt this could be such an email, but then again, you never know so of course I answered her email as best I could.

But it did turn out to be a prank, or rather a study in how many celebs who actually answer their fans email. You can read the story (and the email and my answer) here: