Christmas – 2007

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Bluesbunny has a tough time with Christmas. The upside is the opportunity for some serious drinking and the downside is all that enforced festive cheer is guaranteed to give you physical and mental indigestion. Being of sound musical taste, Christmas songs are usually something that we like to avoid as well but this year we decided to try a few from our favourite musicians.

Pleasingly free of schmaltz, Sofia Talvik’s “Christmas” takes an altogether darker look at the supposed joys of the festive season. There is still snow on the ground but she is clean out of joy to all men. All the musical cuteness that you might expect is present and correct but the lyrics illustrate the sadness that affects so many people at this time of the year. That’s one thing that has become obvious from our exposure to Ms Talvik’s music is that she packs a big punch. You certainly could not accuse her of lacking courage and we would not like you to think that we were left depressed by this song. Dark its viewpoint might be, but this is not an ugly song. Quite the opposite in fact, as there is a poetic beauty to it.

“Christmas is a good time to die”, she laments during the song. That’s a good point. Commercialisation has been trying to kill Christmas for a long time now. Every year Christmas gets weaker but we should all remember that without sadness there would be no joy. You can download the song from her website free of charge.


Music, lyrics, guitar, horns, drums and vocals by Sofia Talvik
Cello by Christian Hörgren
Produced, mixed and edited by Sofia Talvik
Mastered by Henrik Davidsson
Photo by Andrea Belluso
Artwork by Sofia Talvik

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