TOANWTS live in the US

I’m going to perform all the songs from my new album “The Owls Are Not What They Seem” live from different places in the US during my tour and put them up on YouTube. Here’s the first song from the album “Delusional”, recorded in Bossier City, LA.

Live video

Sofia Talvik live

Kjell-Åke Glimberg brought his camera to my latest gig here in Stockholm and shot some of the songs I played. Here’s ‘Jonestown’ live at Lasse i Parken. Enjoy!

Sofia Talvik live 2011. Filmed by Kjell-Åke Glimberg

I’m releasing Florida on YouTube

Sofia Talvik - Florida (Animated Lyrics)

I’m releasing my new album Florida on YouTube. Over a couple of months I will be doing animated videos of the lyrics to each song on the album. When the whole video version of the album is released I will compile all videos and make it available as a download.

First out is the title track of the album.


Sofia Talvik - Florida (Animated Lyrics)
Sofia Talvik - Florida (Animated Lyrics)

New video for ‘King of the Willow Tree’

I have a lovely new official video for my song ‘King of the Willow Tree’ from my new album ‘Florida’. The video is a beautiful tale of two alligators’ love life (maybe one of them is the albino one on my album cover!?).

Dan Turesson
Dan made the greatest video for me!

It’s made by Dan Turesson. Check out Dan’s youtube profile here to see more of his work, he makes a lot of animated videos and this video he made for me is really soooo lovely!

Thank you so much Dan!

New Album 2009: Vlog #3

Here’s a short clip from today’s session at Full Sail University. I had a really nice group of aspiring engineers to work with today. Unfortunately there’s no music in the clip as it’s from after the actual session, but I’m throwing in a short preview of the song we recorded today.
It’s called “Florida” and the group joined me in the song booth for the chorus.
Click here to listen to the preview: floridapreview