Veckans låt i p4 Musikplats Sthlm

7 Miles Wide” duetten med Pontus Borg från min nya platta  TOANWTS blev framröstad till veckans låt i Musikplats Stockholm i p4 den 10/2. Tack till alla som röstade! Lyssna på låten här!

Från p4:s hemsida: “Hela tiden strömmar nya låtar in till musikredaktionen som lyssnar och lyssnar. Ur varje veckas skörd väljer vi ut tre låtar som bedöms av en expertjury som lägger varsin röst på sin respektive favoritlåt. Parallellt sker en omröstning på Musikplats Stockholms hemsida där alla lyssnare röstar fram sin gemensamma favorit. Tillsammans utser juryn och radiopubliken låten som vinner veckans ”Bäst i test”. Om de totalt tre rösterna skulle landa på tre olika låtar så väger lyssnarnas röst tyngst.”

Album of the month on Bluesbunny!

The Owls Are Not What They Seem

I just got a great review in one of Sweden’s biggest morning papers, and the rest of the world is not late on following the trend.  TOANWTS is appointed the prestigious title of “Album of the Month” on renowned music blog Bluesbunny

[quote] Perhaps her most interesting artistic choice however is the sound of the album this time around. Country flavoured sonic touches abound on many of the songs thus giving the album an underlying focus and, perhaps, an indication of her true intent. [/quote]
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TOANWTS is album of the month!
TOANWTS is album of the month!

Fan reviews of TOANWTS

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Just had to share some of these great fan reviews I’ve received for the new album. After all the real critics are the listeners:

[quote] Sofia Talvik’s mastery of the acoustic has never been more evident than in her latest album – The Owls Are Not What They Seem. Her fifth album, in which Sofia has ‘gone back to basics’ is a stunning display of her vocal prowess and lyrical talent… unpretentious, yet powerfully moving. I have had TOANWTS for only a few days now, but have listened to it probably a dozen times now… and each time is even better than the last. Thank you, Sofia! [/quote]
Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw (USA)

[quote] You’ve really outdone yourself on the sound on this album Sofia. I always expect great music from you, but this has gone way past those expectations. [/quote]
Allison Renee (Canada)

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write your own review