X-mas concert in Second Life

Even though I actually played World of Warcraft for a while, and have a lvl 60 gnome called Znorfia, I kind of feel like Penny in the Big Bang Theory when it comes to Second Life. But that makes it even funnier that I’m doing a live Christmas concert in Second Life.

I will be playing at “OneLove”, a wintry stage built especially for this event by Aallotar Takaaki. The Concert will take place this Thursday at 10pm Swedish time. The stage is at Iendi Laville (pronounce “jändi”) and Apollon Allen’s new sim Yadkin Valley, and is hosted by OneLove Events. OneLove Events is a new place in Second Life and is meant to be something for everyone.

One Love stage in Second Life, built for Sofia Talvik's X-mas concert
One Love stage in Second Life

I’m always intrigued by trying out new ways to spread my music so it’s exciting to do a show in Second Life.

I’m playing the same songs as I played at my Stockholm Christmas concert last week, so this is a way for all of you who missed that concert to see me (kind of) live no matter where you live. All proceeds from the concert will go directly to ECPAT for their campaign “Stop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People”.

You will find the event through this link:

You can also read an interview with me about the concert here.

Merry Christmas and I’ll see you all in Second Life on Thursday!

Sofia Talvik as avatar in Second Life
My avatar in Second Life
Sofia Talvik stage in Second Life
Oh look! The party has already started!

Acoustic concerts online all week!

I’m streaming my acoustic concerts online here on my website all week, every day at 8pm Swedish time. If you’re unsure of when it is check in here for time specifics. Last nights concert was in Visby, the old capital of Gotland with beautiful houses from the 12th century. Tonight’s concert will be in the park (Svandammsparken, Midsommarkransen) outside my house for everyone who wants to come and listen.

You can find a complete list of all the venues under sofiatalvik.com/gigs but we will be streaming live every night. Th concerts will be available here as well:

We’re doing our best to get the best picture and sound for you all, but this is a live stream and won’t hold any HD quality. I hope you will enjoy it none the less. Please tell your friends on facebook and twitter!

New acoustic album

Sofia Talvik 'Florida Acoustic'
Sofia Talvik 'Florida Acoustic'
Sofia Talvik 'Florida Acoustic'

I hope you all enjoyed my latest album”Florida”! Now it will also be available in a acoustic version “Florida Acoustic”, where all the songs is recorded live with just me and the guitar (and piano on one song).

To celebrate the release of “Florida Acoustic” I’m doing a mini tour in Sweden, playing 7 acoustic gigs in 7 days. But don’t worry if you’re not in Sweden next week. All the concerts will be streamed online so you’ll be able to see them anyway! If you are in Sweden however you can catch me here:

Sunday 4/7 Effes, Gotland
Monday 5/7 TBA
Tuesday 6/7 Fettmules sommarfestival, Gnesta
Wednesday 7/7 Restaurang Landet, Stockholm
Thursday 8/7 Katalin, Uppsala
Friday 9/7 Flyt, Stockholm
Saturday 10/7 Papas, Båstad

check www.sofiatalvik.com/gigs for more specific info. All concerts are held at 8pm (kl 20) Swedish time.

Here’s a video from when we recorded “Florida Acoustic”: