E – Update #4

E - Part Four of L.O.V.E

Guys! It’s just over a week left until we have to finish “E – Part Four of L.O.V.E” and get it out to you in all the corners of the world. But I need you to help me get to the goal of the pledge. It’s just 30% more and we’re there. So go and support your favorite artist (me!) today!!

This little video blog is from the studio when we recorded vocals for my song “If I had a man”. You’ll also get to hear an exclusive preview of the finished song. How great is that?! Enjoy! (and pledge here!)

Click here to listen: Sofia Talvik – If I Had a Man

E – Update #3

E - Part Four of L.O.V.E update #3

Here’s a video from the studio when we recorded the vocals for “7 Miles Wide” Marcus has recorded a bunch of guitars and Joakim Lundgren has added drums as well. You’ll also get to hear an exclusive preview of the finished version of the song at the end of the video featuring Pontus Borg on vocals.

Thanks for helping out to fund this last EP in the L.O.V.E saga. Go here to help us finish the EP so we can release it on November 1st as planned.

Sneak Preview of “O”

O - part two of L.O.V.E

Here’s the song we worked on the vocals of last time we were in the studio. We’ve now just begun the mixing process and it’s still far from ready, but it will give you a clue of how the new EP will sound.

The song is called “The War” and is about how you sometimes can feel that you’re fighting the whole world, just because of one person.

You can still help us out by pledging, and letting your friends know about our mission to write yet another chapter in the book of L.O.V.E!

Pre-listen to “The War”

xoxo Sofia

Womens radio interview

Womens radio did an interview with me a couple of days ago.

WomensRadio Music Review offers an intimate and in-depth perspective on the music and mission of the world’s finest Independent Female Musicians.

Join Brian Ball, Host of WomensRadio Music Review, in welcoming Sweden’s next rising star, Sofia Talvik, as she shares a wealth of information about her soon-to-be-released 4th album, Florida, her upcoming appearances at SXSW 2010 and of course…her favorite shoes to bring on tour!

Also discover Sofia’s production and songwriting influences, tour anecdotes, recommended listening, future goals/aspirations and preview samples of her upcoming release…all in just under 12 minutes, right here on WomensRadio!

“Standing up and playing guitar in high heels is kind of difficult… -Sofia Talvik

You can listen to it here and have a sneek preview of the title track from my new album “Florida”.
Womens Radio

New album 2009: Blog #7

Yet a day in the closet recording a new song. Each time I go in there I’m stunned over by how long it actually takes to do all the takes, chorus vocals and everything. I spend at least half a day just recording vocals and editing them. As you’ve already seen my tiny closet studio this is just a blog and no vlog, but maybe I should call it a mlog because here’s a sample of today’s song for you. It’s called “You plate your heart with gold” and I was inspired to write it after I heard Mason Jenning’s song “Which way your heart will go” and actually thought he sang “you plate your heart with gold”. It’s a song about people posing to be better than they are. They keep hurting others but pretend they have a heart of gold.

This preview is unmixed and a work in progress and will probably sound a lot different on the album when released.

Listen here to: “You Plate Your Heart With Gold” by Sofia Talvik