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Me and Christian recording in my living room
Me and Christian recording in my living room
Me and Christian recording in my living room

As you may know by now I’m having a pledge for my upcoming EP “L” the first of 4 EPs to be released 2011 and here’s the deal. You can pre-order the EP and thereby help me fund it – or if you want to be even more involved you can choose one of the many options on the site – it’s up to you how much you want to help. Check it out here:

This is how it works: if you pledge no money will be withdrawn from your account until the whole pledge is over at the end of January. If the pledge doesn’t come through and we don’t reach 100% no money will be withdrawn from you at all, but you also won’t get the things you ordered. So it’s crucial for you and me that this pledge comes through because you want some great music and some great stuff and I want to get some great music out there!

I’ve just posted an update where you can listen to one of the new songs! How about that. Check it out now!

Be a part of my new album – L

Sofia Talvik - Pledge Music

Hi friends, this is a humble request so please bear with me.

I’m trying to raise funds for my new album “L”, the first EP of an four piece EP saga called L.O.V.E, and I’d be very grateful if you could help.  As a thank-you you can download the EP free once it’s completed. It would mean a great deal to me if you would be a part of this musical saga. The minimum pledge of 10$ gets you the download when it’s done, but if you invest in an exclusive item that I have for sale the download is free.

Help me fund this album and check out the exclusives at:

Total funds right now:

By using a fan-funded model to raise the money to release the first EP “L”, not only would you be influencing and enabling the release, you would have access to many rare opportunities to own a piece of my musical journey. And in the end the whole “L.O.V.E” saga.
“L.O.V.E” consists of four separate EP’s with four tracks each, that will be released every 3 months during 2011.
The funding will pay for studio time, producer time, mastering and artwork.

Please read more about how this works at:

20% of the profits will go to a charity that is close to my heart; ECPAT. Your donation will support ECPAT International’s work to prevent, protect and seek justice for child victims of sexual exploitation through legal, social and policy work undertaken for and with child survivors to deliver better care, improve practices and policies and ensure justice.

I run my own label Makaki Music, produce everything myself and I’m very hands on with the music and everything around it. All the bundles are endorsed and personally produced. They represent a personal part of me and I want to share that with you.

Please help me get this EP funded today!

Sofia Talvik

Florida Acoustic #1 on Amie Street top 25

Florida Acoustic by Sofia Talvik tops Amie Street
Florida Acoustic by Sofia Talvik tops Amie Street
Florida Acoustic by Sofia Talvik tops Amie Street

My new album ‘Florida Acoustic’ is #1 on Amie Streets top 25 download shop! On Amie Street, the community determines the price of music. Every song starts cheap (or even free!) and increases in price up to 98 cents as more and more people purchase it. The people who use Amie Street are what keep it exciting. To encourage you to share and talk about the music you love, they give you money back when you recommend your favorite songs to friends. You will find both super famous artists like Dolly Parton and The National on Amie street as well as new and upcoming acts. The site also learns your taste and recommend music to you based on what you purchased earlier.

Review of Florida Acoustic by Sofia Talvik on Amie Street

“Great find. I’ve always loved stripped down versions of albums.
You really get a feel for the songs. A guitar and a voice – gets no better.
Sofia’s unplugged – cool…”

Jimm73 reviewed Florida Acoustic on Amie Street. Come on and write a review you too!

Download my Christmas single for FREE!

merry Christmas
This year’s Christmas single is dedicated to all those people who need a helping hand, whether it is the lonely teenager or the homeless man on the street. This single is a free download, but I urge you to use the money you would have spent on it on iTunes to help someone less fortunate. My donation is to Stadsmissionen who helps homeless people in Sweden. If you give a gift to them by text message you will receive this Christmas single as a cellphone signal. Use it and let your friends know that you care for those who need it.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Click here to download the single!

Singing for a free Burma

I recently joined up with the site where you easily can donate money through a text message (sms) to help the struggle for freedom in Burma.

The result is a video of me performing one of the songs from my upcoming album live in a studio while being filmed. The song is called Arms and Armour (lyrics available on ) and you can now watch the live video on or directly here below:

Arms and Armour Live (Jonestown 2008) – Sofia Talvik