Sofia Talvik’s Xmas Calendar 2012 #17


In today’s window I’m making some Swedish Glögg! It’s super easy and you can make it at home!

Here’s what you need for the Glögg:
2 cinnamon sticks
8 cloves
4 Allspice/cardamom seeds
a small piece of sliced fresh ginger
1-2 pieces bitter orange / orange peel
1 bottle of red wine
5 oz brandy
2 table spoons of sugar

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My RV life

As most of my friends in Sweden go to bed at midnight almost all activity on fb comes to a stall at 6pm my time.

So lately I’ve been hanging out on iRV2 instead. There’s always things going on there. Like how about this thread “Possibly diet coke exploding in camper?”. There’s a lot to learn if you’re new to RVing too. I read a lot about tires and batteries these days. A while ago we actually crafted insulation for our vents after I read about it on the forum. Comes in handy now that it’s cold here in NC.

And if you ask something people actually answer and try to help you.
The RV life itself is great too even though I think it’s too cold in NC (around 30F/0•C). We should have stayed in FL… Both me an J got a grey hoodie that we wear in the RV, just like an old Swedish TV show called “Macken” where all the campers wore the same tracking suits. So when I jokingly asked J today why he loves me he said “because you’re cute and have the same clothes as me”. Well I guess I better keep that hoodie on then 😉


“Florida” gets 7/10 from Dagens skiva

Dagens skiva has written a nice review of my new album “Florida” and given it a 7 out of 10.

Lou Reed–introt på King Of The Willow Tree är grymt. Det lätta sättet Talvik sjunger på. Osäker i stämband men bestämd i gärning. Det tar 30 sekunder att fånga mig. (…) Dessutom är The Light är det vackraste i musikväg som 2010 fått fram hitintills.

Läs hela recensionen här

The Lou Reed intro of “King of the Willow Tree” is awesome. The lighthearted way Talvik sings. Unsure in vocal chords but firm in determination. It takes 30 seconds and I’m caught. Not to mention that “The Light” is the most beautiful 2010 has presented so far.”

Read more here

“I love you and all your shoes”

So I just told you I love food… Well I also love shoes. And any girl who loves shoes knows it’s more like an addiction. There are ladies who loves handbags. Me, I buy one that I love after many hours looking for the perfect one and wear it till it falls apart (quite literally).

But shoes… They’re quite a different story. I guess I could say I’m a shoe collector with no intention of being one. I see them and I think I shouldn’t. I think I have too many already. And yet they call out to me. Their tiny voices saying “buy me, buy me”.

So today with 15 minutes to spare between work and party I found these great not too high heeled boots on sale (of course).

I asked if they had a return policy – no.

I asked if I could have them reserved until tomorrow – no.

(At this point I felt I’d done all I could to turn them down.)

What was left to do but to buy them?

In a weak moment I heard myself saying” I’ll take them”, while picturing my overfull wardrobe at home, and at the same time picturing someone else walking away in these boots on sale in my size…

Walking to the party with the bag in my hand, I kept thinking how my husband would sigh over me buying yet another pair of shoes I don’t need. So when I called him later from the bar and told him about that new pair of shoes that would clutter our apartment I dreaded the worst but he said… “Honey, I love you and all your shoes”.

And I guess that’s a story of true love, whether you apply it to the shoes or the wife buying them.

new shoes
Yet another pair of great shoes, Jimmy Choo for HM

I’m a lineman…

Everytime I need to do something, like recordings for a new album or something. I get this urge to do something else, something that I don’t need to do. That’s how I started doing the Christmas singles and all the other stuff that I do, just me, just by myself. So I guess it was no surprise that instead of going through the recorded files last week, I picked up the guitar and learned the old classic “Wichita Lineman”. Years back I had a brief collaboration with Swedish artist Niclas Frisk (Atomic Swing, A Camp). He was the one who first played me this song and I still love it. So thank you Niclas! And here’s how it turned out sounding in my kitchen…

Don’t bother with the video? Listen to the mp3.