Radio in Las Vegas

digivegasOn my great tour through the US, I stopped by Las Vegas to give Digivegas Indie Podcast an exclusive interview and a sneak preview of the new album. The interview will be aired in a month or so, but subscribe HERE to the podcast now for some other interesting interviews with artists from all over the world. And make sure to sign up on my newsletter (box above) to get an email for the exact date when the interview will be aired.

Famecast finals

So, I’m back in cold, cold Sweden after a short but lovely time in Austin, TX. where I performed in the famecast finals.
The video from the finals will be published on the famecast website on Thursday, and you’ll be able to vote every day for a week after that. If you haven’t registered you’ll have to do that first.

Here’s som pics from my time in Austin. I hope I get to go back soon again!

Sofia i Austin 1
Lapsteel and a psychedelic wall
Sofia i Austin 2
Trying on the local fashion
Sofia i Austin 3
Doing the final famecast interview

P4 Live. The Homecoming.

Swedish radio P4 did a recording of one of my gigs this summer.
Orust gig

Listen to all the songs here:
1. Intro – Interview
[audio: Live/Live – Intro.mp3]
2. Mother’s Way, Father’s Way
[audio: Live/Live – Mothers Way Fathers Way.mp3]
3. It’s Just Love
[audio: Live/Live – Its just love.mp3]
4. Ghosts
[audio: Live/Live – Ghosts.mp3]
5. It’s Silly Now
[audio: Live/Live – Its Silly Now.mp3]
6. Wish
[audio: Live/Live – Wish.mp3]
7. December
[audio: Live/Live – December.mp3]
8. She’s Leaving
[audio: Live/Live – Shes leaving.mp3]

Västerbottens folkblad interview

Västerbottens folkblad did an interview with me when I visited Skellefteå and played at Trästocksfestivalen.
Skellefteådebut för Sofia Talvik.

Enligt Trästockfestivalens hemsida har Sofia Talvik ett välförtjänat rykte om att vara väldigt bra live.
– Har jag det ryktet hoppas jag att jag kan leva upp till det, säger hon och skrattar.

Read it here.