10 weird things with RVing

Here’s a little list of weird thing that happen when you are full timing in an RV:

1. You start looking for power outlets everywhere you go and sometimes go through great lengths to get to them
2. You learn how to use a minimal amount of toilet paper
3. You start “pre-washing” your dishes with paper towels
4. You don’t think it’s weird that you haven’t had a proper shower in three days
5. You don’t change clothes because you care what people at the office will think but because you wore them so long they started smelling
6. You sometimes wear a hat to bed…
7. …Or a blanket around your head
8. You sleep in parking lots
9. You download apps that tell you where to find the cheapest gas prices
10. You get obsessed with led lights

My RV life

As most of my friends in Sweden go to bed at midnight almost all activity on fb comes to a stall at 6pm my time.

So lately I’ve been hanging out on iRV2 instead. There’s always things going on there. Like how about this thread “Possibly diet coke exploding in camper?”. There’s a lot to learn if you’re new to RVing too. I read a lot about tires and batteries these days. A while ago we actually crafted insulation for our vents after I read about it on the forum. Comes in handy now that it’s cold here in NC.

And if you ask something people actually answer and try to help you.
The RV life itself is great too even though I think it’s too cold in NC (around 30F/0•C). We should have stayed in FL… Both me an J got a grey hoodie that we wear in the RV, just like an old Swedish TV show called “Macken” where all the campers wore the same tracking suits. So when I jokingly asked J today why he loves me he said “because you’re cute and have the same clothes as me”. Well I guess I better keep that hoodie on then 😉


New tees in the shop

New Sofia Talvik Florida t-shirt

I just printed a bunch of cool tees, tanks and totes for the new release. Making the whole thing from scratch allowed me to personally choose the models of the clothes to guarantee a nice fit. I think most band merch are pretty ugly because the models and quality of the tees the printers can offer are hideous. I’d never wear one of those thick ugly tees even if I liked the band. So I decided to actually print my merch tees myself. The tees are made of cotton and are very soft. I used the screen print method with a print I designed myself.

I decided on three different models for girls. A basic black tee with a pretty low-cut v-neck in an almost “burnt out” thin cotton, available in S but fits S-M. A grey tank top with a low-cut round neck in a slightly longer length, available in S and M. And finally a dark grey oversized tee with a wide neck that fits S-L. All girl tees comes with a light pink print.

For guys I decided on a basic cotton tee in turquoise with round neck, available in S-M, and a summery grey tank in organic cotton available in S-M. All guys tees comes with a black print.

You can also get a stylish black cotton tote with pink print in the shop.

Everyone who purchases apparel until the release, May 12th will get a free download of the “Florida” album B-side “My Bored Ol’ Heart”. Click here to go to the shop now!

Grey tank with pink print
Looking hot in a grey tank with pink print
Basic black tee with pink print
Basic black tee with pink print
Loose fit grey tee with pink print
Relaxed in an oversize tee
Turqoise tee
Getting that Florida feelin' in a turquoise tee
Jonas sporting the grey tank for guys
Jonas sporting the grey tank for guys