Drivin’ & Dreaming – Book


Drivin’ & Dreaming – Book

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I spent a year and a half from 2011 to 2013 traveling across America in an old RV, playing over 250 shows in 37 states. I named the tour “Drivin’ & Dreaming.”

During the tour I met amazingly wonderful, weird and inspiring people, and I got to see and experience every corner of the US. This book and live CD are the product of all the stories, pictures and recordings from the “Drivin’ & Dreaming” tour that I collected along the way.

This project is a way for me to be able to share this wonderful adventure with you, we will relive it together, like you were with me on tour!

The book is in coffee table format with beautiful pictures. You will be able to open the book to any page and just start reading. You’ll get to experience the life on the road, breakdowns, the wonderful people that came to our rescue, weird gigs, breathtaking places and smiling faces. The book also contains a collection of my favorite recipes that we cooked in the RV.