Album of the year – Pennyblackmusic review

Big Sky Country Cover Art

I don’t want to spam my own page and maybe lose your precious attention with posting all the reviews and mentions that pop up around “Big Sky Country”, but I can’t help but share this amazing review from Pennyblackmusic. Reading it I didn’t know which quote to go with, because they’re all so great, but I’m going to go with the last sentence of the review …

“‘Big Sky Country’ is, without a doubt, one of the strongest releases of 2015 so far, in any genre.”

To read the whole review – go here!

Some more love for Big Sky Country:

“A singer/songwriter who is able to evoke the essence of Laurel Canyon circa the ‘60s.” – NoDepression


“This record is a real work of art.” – Tune Reviews

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Aftonbladet hyllar Big Sky Country

Sofia Talvik Aftonbladet

Vad är bättre än att få en bra recension? Jo, att få en hel krönika tillägnad sig. Aftonbladets Per Bjurman uppmärksammar min nya skiva Big Sky Country i sin krönika och skriver:

“Det är för att det var länge sedan jag hörde nånting helt nytt som på samma sätt fångar essensen av det jag älskar allra mest med Amerika och ständigt längtar till. (…) ”Big sky country” är det bländande resultatet. Titellåten må vara enda regelrätta reseskildringen, men den episka odyssén över kontinenten har format samtliga sånger – lätt de bästa Orusts lätt countryfierade Joni Mitchell skrivit under sin tio år långa skivkarriär.”

Läs hela krönikan här!

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RUST Magazine about Big Sky Country

Rust Magazine Feature

This is the ethereal human element of music, that emotional connection that makes music significant as an art, and Sofia Talvik has here mastered this elusive ability.

– Eric Petersen, RUST Magazine


RUST Magazine just posted this review of my new album “Big Sky Country” and did a little Q&A with me about the process of recording, and my U.S tour. So humbled and honoured to be compared with some great artists, in such beautiful words.


Another amazing musician Sofia reminds us of is travelling world-citizen Michael Dustin Youree who left New York City a couple years ago with barely more than a guitar and has been on a journey of learning, loving and making beautiful music ever since. For both Sofia and Michael, the music in their albums is the artistic distillate of travel and change in both a physical and emotional way. They are the true vanguard poets of our time.


Read the whole article here:



Review from PopDose

Sofia Talvik PopDose


Even though this young lady is from Sweden, I’d place her at the forefront of the American vanguard. One listen will tell you why and how.

Rob Ross from PopDose just posted this great review of my upcoming album “Big Sky Country”. Read it in full here! And check out the extract from the radio show Overnight America below for some words from Ross in person!

The pre-order for the new album is still up until March 8th. Check it out here to get the album a month before official release!