Portland show cancelled

Due to heavy traffic and a car accident on the way out from Cambridge, MA today, I wasn’t able to make it to my show at Longfellow Square in Portland, ME. I hope I get to come to Maine another time to see all my fans then. Until then I’m sorry I didn’t make it today. Instead you can find us at the open mic at Vic’s Boathouse at Victoria station in Salem, MA tonight.


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  1. The evening of Friday June 15th, had an unexpected surprise at Marino’s Cafe in Beverly,Mass open mic nite when I showed up to perform and there in the corner was a beautiful blonde girl, smilin’ alll the time. I had no idea who she was and did my thing on stage and got a very pleasant surprise when she got up to play and sing. Tremendous talent with a beautiful voice and presence. I was enthralled and impressed and felt blessed to have lucked out to witness such an ad-libbed evening with her and other local musicians. Godspeed Sofia, God Bless and safe travels here in the States. – Mark the Harp (was honored to play a ditty with you) 🙂

    1. @facebook-100000011691904:disqus I had a great time with y’all at Marino’s Cafe. Sometimes you met wonderful people when you least expect it, like this time when the traffic situation brought me to Beverly, MA. 🙂 Have a great summer and be sure to check back now and then, Also visit my Facebook page here: http://facebook.com/sofiatalvikmusic

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