V – Update #3

Monkey in a cage
Monkey in a cage

The new EP is coming along nicely! My producer Janne Manninen has just started mixing the songs and I’m happy to give you not one, but TWO previews of the new songs. Here’s also some crazy pics from our studio!


Each producer got to choose one of my old songs to make a re-make of. Janne chose ‘Jonestown’ from my third album and made it into an electronica version. We’ve also changed the lyrics on the chorus to my original lyrics that didn’t make the final cut on the first version.


Circle of Friends:

This song was originally recorded fro the benefit of Acoustic for Autism which helps raise money for awareness of autistic children.


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Getting all the cables right
Getting all the cables right

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    1. Thanks Stephen. This EP will really have a different sound compared to earlier Sofia releases 😉 I really like it. I just got the masters back today.

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