New Drivin’ & Dreaming TV show

So, since I don’t have enough work with booking, promo and playing shows to fill 30 hours of the day, I also decided to start filming our adventure and do a little TV show out of it. It will air here on my website and all episodes will be available on Youtube. If there is something you’re missing in the show or have a question you would like me to answer send me an email here or on Facebook and I’ll try to put it in the show. I’ll try to release a new episode every week to every 2 weeks.

Please forward this to your friends to boost my viewings, just as regular TV this show’s life depends on how many viewers we get!

Welcome on tour with me!

8 Replies to “New Drivin’ & Dreaming TV show”

  1. Oh Savannah, we were there two years ago. Lovely little town. The trees, the streets, the restaurants… But the road from Atlanta was really long. 
    Bon voyage.

  2. Hejsan Sofia! It is hard work you guys are doing but a lot of fun too! I like this recordings of travels. Keep ’em coming och lycka till.

  3. Good job, guys! It’s always impressive to see the amount of work you guys get done while on the move. As always, let me know when you plan on hitting the left coast and i’ll try and help with venue names and suggestions that might be helpful.

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