The making of ‘Glow’

Jesper and Per setting up for the recording
Jesper and Per setting up for the video recording

The video for ‘Glow’ has been well received and I totally love it too. Jesper Jonsson is so talented it almost hurts. So did you know that he actually made all those animations by hand??? Yes he sure did, and I just got my hands on the original footage from the animated scenes. So if you’re wondering how all those things came to be, you can watch them here:

‘Glow’ – the making of the video

And here’s how it turned out:

Per Gustin filming Sofia Talvik for her video for Glow
Per Gustin filming me
Per and Jesper were happy with their work
Hey guys, do I look any good through the lens?
Filming for Glow in the summer night
Man I got a lot of mosquito bites that evening!