Florida Acoustic #1 on Amie Street top 25

Florida Acoustic by Sofia Talvik tops Amie Street
Florida Acoustic by Sofia Talvik tops Amie Street

My new album ‘Florida Acoustic’ is #1 on Amie Streets top 25 download shop! On Amie Street, the community determines the price of music. Every song starts cheap (or even free!) and increases in price up to 98 cents as more and more people purchase it. The people who use Amie Street are what keep it exciting. To encourage you to share and talk about the music you love, they give you money back when you recommend your favorite songs to friends. You will find both super famous artists like Dolly Parton and The National on Amie street as well as new and upcoming acts. The site also learns your taste and recommend music to you based on what you purchased earlier.

Review of Florida Acoustic by Sofia Talvik on Amie Street

“Great find. I’ve always loved stripped down versions of albums.
You really get a feel for the songs. A guitar and a voice – gets no better.
Sofia’s unplugged – cool…”

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