New music video for Pharaohs and Friends

I started my U.S Spring Tour in New Mexico. New Mexico’s slogan is “Land of enchantment”, and you can see why in this video that we just released. I filmed it in White Sands National Monument, and it was just premiered by Glide Magazine. Here’s what they say about it:

 “A song that encourages escape amidst these unthinkable days. Talvik sings with a touch of the ethereal and offers intimate folk, mixing shades of Joni Mitchell and Tori Amos within a comfortable emotive package.

Tour canceled – NOT canceled

So shit hit the fan, and my concerts just like most other artists concerts are getting canceled one by one du to the outbreak. This is of course devastating for us, not just because it’s the way we pay for food and gas and rent, but also because we came such a long way for the tour.

We are trying to do the best of it and still keep people safe. So we have set up a Facebook group where we will be live streaming mini concerts for donations, and posting new songs as I write them here in my quarantine.

If you are not on Facebook, I’ll also post some live videos here on my website, and you can always help by getting my music digitally here:

If you want to chip in to keep the music coming you can click this pic:

Go here to join the group, and feel free to invite all your friends as well. Even though we’re in quarantine it doesn’t have to mean that we have to miss out on fun and music!

SxSW Canceled – not canceled

As you might have heard the big Austin festival SxSW has been canceled due to the Covid 19 scare. I was one of the official artists booked to showcase. At first I was saddened by the news, I have played SxSW many times before and was looking forward to coming back to promote my new album.

It didn’t take long though until the internet started bubbling with artists and venues that were determined that “the show must go on”. And since I am already on tour and in TX, I decided to keep my shows in Austin. It has been re-arranged a little bit but I am very happy to announce that we will be doing most of our planned gigs and a few new.

If you are concerned about the Covid-19, I can recommend my Lake Travis Library Concert on Friday the 20th, which was actually not part of SxSW to begin with. It will be a nice, low-key concert away from the hustle and bustle downtown.

For you Folk Lovers I am taking part in Austin Folk Festival which is held at Eastciders. My show there is Wednesday 18th at 7pm, but you should stay for the whole evening as there will be a bunch of great folk artists.

If you – like me are looking forward to all the fun day parties and music around downtown and S Congress I am returning to my favorite hat shop – Goorin Brothers on Saturday 21st at 2pm, and will head over for a stunning sunset concert at JW Marriot Roof Top Terrace at 6pm the same day.

I will be accompanied by my pedal steel player Tim Fleming for these, and more shows around TX.

Hope to see you!

Semifinalist in the International Songwriting competition

It’s a new week and I have two new fun things to share with you. The first is that I am a semifinalist in the International Songwriting Competition with my song “Take Me Home“, which means I’m one of 11% of over 18 000 contributions! I’m very excited about it. Keep your fingers crossed I’ll make it to the finals. Here’s the video for “Take Me Home”:

The second fun thing is a big feature on BandsInTown about me and my touring. If you don’t know BandsInTown, it’s a great way to track where I am playing. You just follow me there and then you’ll get a notification when I am playing in your area. You don’t know how often I get messages from people saying “When are you playing Boston?” or Dallas or Portland.. and it’s quite often JUST after I played there. So if you don’t want to miss my shows, make sure you track me on BandsInTown. Here’s the full feature:

Paws of a Bear Spring Tour on the road!

The 2020 Spring tour, aptly named after my new album “Paws of a Bear”, has just begun! Last night we did a soft start in Albuquerque, NM and from here the tour will take us through Texas to SxSW and a lot of other fun concert venues, through LA, MS, AL and down to Florida.

Lil’Chief is getting some updates so we don’t wake up on the hood of the car!

Lil’Chief is getting some updates too. From previous owners he had some water leaks which has made the floor in the cab-over a bit wobbly. White Trash MacGyver has spent the last few days ripping it out and building new support and floor, with the help of our generous hosts Eric and Wendy Bardrof, also photographers extraordinaire. When you see Wendy’s pic you realize why New Mexico’s slogan is “Land of enchantment”.

Land of enchantment – photo by Wendy Bardrof

I’m also very excited to have my pedal steel genius Tim Fleming with me for select shows in Texas. He will join me from Dallas to SxSW and Houston.

Hope to see you on the road!