Show cancellations

Dear friends and fans in Germany and Netherlands. My upcoming shows this weekend in Köln, Bad Bentheim and Ossenisse have been canceled due to the rising covid numbers. The 4 first Christmas concerts in Germany have also been postponed due to the rising numbers and new lockdowns. We are still hoping to be able to go through with the coming concerts in mid December, but things change every day, and we just have to wait and see. After all staying safe is more important than taking unnecessary risks right now. We are doing our best to reschedule the canceled shows and hope to see you all well and covid free next year.

We are planning a re-run of last year’s online Christmas concert and I hope that you can get some of that Christmas spirit back with my new single “A Memory of Snow”. Download it for free here:

A Memory of Snow

It’s that time of year again… when I am releasing another free Christmas single!

The new single is called “A Memory of Snow“, and if you have followed me for a while, you will be surprised that it’s not my normal “dark themed” Christmas song about someone dying or kids getting robbed of their dreams at Christmas. Instead it’s a rather soothing tale of lost love and memories of a snow covered Copenhagen, a story that is told in both English and Swedish. Though not entirely auto autobiographical, I did spend the winter of 1998 in Copenhagen studying art at a local college. It was indeed a snowy winter, though the rest can have been anyone’s story. 

I’m very excited to have some guest performers on the single too, Tom Marsh (Those Goddamn Hippies, UK) is joining on backing vocals and glittering piano, and U.S Americana artist Rachel Van Plating on violin. 

The single is released today on my birthday November 24th, and couldn’t wish for a better gift than for you to add it to one of your Spotify playlists, or download it from my Bandcamp page.

Listen on Spotify here:

Download on Bandcamp here:

As you might know Germany is going into a 4th wave of Covid, with new restrictions and lockdowns. 4 of my planned Christmas concerts in December have already been canceled, but at least I can extend some Winter cheer to you with this song!

Stay safe and have a beautiful Holiday season! /Sofia

Summer tour in Germany

I hardly can’t believe it’s true, but I have a bunch of tour dates coming up in July in Germany. Catch me live here (please contact the venues to reserve tickets and learn about their safety regulations and restrictions):

Homeyers Hof
Garbsen, Germany

Hahnstätten, Germany

Kraftwerk Haag
Rotenburg an der Fulda, Germany

Volkshaus Guben
Guben, Germany

Chemnitz, Germany

Die Kaffeemühle
Wutha, Germany

Lemgo, Germany

Limeskastell Pohl
Pohl, Germany

New single – Duet with Stiko Per Larsson

For SVT Midsommar – the televised midsummer concert, I teamed up with Swedish folk-rocker Stiko Per Larsson for a duet on my song Take me Home. It’s now available as a single and you can find it on all platforms, and as a download here:

Listen on Spotify: