more artsy pics ;-)

I just sent the first shipload of songs to the guy who's going to mix the album and it feels so good. I keep fantazising about how it's going to be when all is finished and I can hold that little piece of plastic in my hand.

Anyway, some other good news is that I finally posted som pics of Hanna who plays the soprano saxophone on my album. I forgot the camera the day we recorded but thank god for cellphones with bad cameras in them, here's some artsy pics of Hanna now.


My beautiful and talanted friend Hanna!

I actually had my first band with Hanna back in the 90's. We were a jazz-pop band then 🙂 Quite a different sound from what I'm doing now.

Some more cello

I've discovered I'm probably not cut out for this blogging stuff.

Real bloggers write everyday, and even though I had the vision that I would write every single time I did something with the album I haven't. Mostly I think because I get home so late and am so tired that I just want to go to bed.

Anyway, we recorded the very last song yeterday. I wasn't even sure if I was going to do it, after all we already have 12 wonderful songs. But hey why not, that gives you one more song for the album and we might as well while we're in the studio. I've been on and on about how this album is going to be more produced and sound bigger than the last one, but this last song will only have a bit of slide guitar which we'll record today and then, it's done.

I found some pics of my cellist Christian, that I haven't published yet so here they are.

I know I know

I promised to put up samples yesterday, and I didn't. And I haven't today either. BUT we've added all the band stuff now and it's simply beautiful. My god, the cello, it's just WOW! I'll spend tomorrow mixng and I'll try to get som samples up then!

Here's a little vid from yesterdays recordings.

[flv:/video/cello.flv 320 240]

Pop art

A loooong day in the studio.

We started 3 pm and finished 10 pm with ALL the guitar to ALL the songs recorded. Will add some sound samples tomorrow after recording Cello. 'Til then enjoy this little gallery! g'night folks.

Pop art candybox

Yes I love the sepia function on the camera!

Yeah baby it's groovin'

Love is an important ingredient when you record an album. (No this man is not my guitarrist!)