Winter Concert Tour

It’s time to start my yearly winter concert tour in Europe. Only two days after landing after my U.S tour I’m off for the first shows in Gefrees, Hoyerswerda, Berlin and Ingolstadt, followed by many more shows around Germany and a few in the Netherlands. As by tradition I will perform my own Christmas and winter songs, as well as one or two beloved covers. I also have a new Christmas single for this year that will be released next week. Head over to for the complete list of shows, and make sure you pick up your ticket ahead of time as these events sell out fast.

Live at Liberty Arts

When it’s a rainy day and the tour is nearing its end, it’s nice to look back at some of your favorite shows. My pedal steel player Tim Fleming joined me for a week in Tennessee for Americana Fest at the beginning of this tour and one of our shows was captured on video. Here we are performing at Liberty Arts Center. Thank you so much to Pie for inviting us to play and to the wonderful camera team!

The Far North Down South Tour

It’s been a long hot summer. I’ve had a lot of time to regroup, write some songs and start the recordings of my new album. But these loungey summer days are coming to an end. In just a few weeks I will be back on the road in Lil’Chief for my Far North Down South Tour. The tour starts in Florida and takes me all the way through the heartland over UP, down to the East Coast and back to Florida. The most southern point is North Port, Fl (funny it should be called ‘North’ Port..) and the most northern point is Lutsen, MN. That’s 1811 miles to drive and then back down again, but of course we won’t be going in a straight line. Let’s hope Lil’Chief holds up.

Hope to see you all on the road. You can find all the tour dates here

Blood Moon

Today is going to be a total lunar eclipse in Europe (in celebration of my new album.. 😉 ).  The moon will already be in full phase as it rises and will be totally red. A blood moon. I’m just about to start the recordings of my new album, and lo and behold I have a song called Blood Moon. So last night I decided to record a little live video for all of you to enjoy as you are watching the actual Blood Moon rise. I wrote this song when I was up in Idaho, and the fires there tainted the moon red. We have fires all over Europe this year as well, but this moon is a real blood moon and the longest one of this century with its 1 hour and 43 minutes. My song is not that long, but you can always put it on repeat.

Spring/Summer Update 2018

Sofia Talvik - Die Alone

So I’m back in Europe after 2 months in the American South West. I had such a great time on ”The Close Connection Tour”, meeting new and old friends, playing in living rooms and listening rooms. A huge thanks to all who came out to my shows, and special thanks to all who opened up their homes to me.
I’m psyched to get on the road in Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland these coming months before I take a break over the summer to work on my Spain getaway, and my upcoming album. Speaking of which, I recorded one of the songs from the upcoming album today as an acoustic video. If you have been to any of my shows lately you know that I wrote this song because I got tired of being asked if I had kids or planned to have kids. I figured this song would answer the question and people wouldn’t have to ask me. It’s worked out pretty well so far ;). I’ve also been overwhelmed by the great response I’ve gotten from women in all ages to this song. It seems to be something that many can relate to, which makes me extra happy. Feel free to share it with your friends!

Oh, and I opened up my shop again so you if you didn’t get all the albums you wanted on my last concert, you can get them here. And to celebrate that summer is finally here I am putting on a sale for my Florida album. Until the end of summer you can get it for just 5€ (plus shipping). Here’s how CD Baby’s Chris Robley reviewed the album when it came out:

“It’s not often that an album takes your breath away, and I hate to sound hyperbolic, but “Florida” actually has several “Oh my God!” moments of sheer beauty.”

Sofia Talvik Shop

Hope to see you on the road this summer.
x Sofia Talvik