It’s here! Poem At Year’s End

So you thought that my tradition to release a yearly Christmas song would be over once I released my album When Winter Comes last year? Think again! I’m happy to announce the release my new Christmas single Poem At Year’s End today, the first of Advent. As per tradition it’s not all that Christmassy, I guess I’ll never write that Santa’s Super Sleigh and live happily ever after, but that’s ok. 

I asked my fans on Facebook what they thought I should write about this year, and many wanted something political. To be honest that made me feel exhausted. There has been so much politics, and so many fights the last few years that the last thing I wanted to do was to write a political Christmas song. So instead I decided to write something that everyone could listen to and enjoy with an open heart, and a calm mind. This is nothing more than a poem about the end of the year, and that is why I called it “Poem At Year’s End”. The beautiful cello harmonies by David Floer, and soaring horns by Tim Fleming might make you think of 60’s folk songs, like the tunes of Nick Drake. 

But don’t forget! Even though my full length Christmas album When Winter Comes was released a year ago, it comes back to life every December. You can download it or buy a physical copy here!

Here’s what people said about it last year:

“She sings and plays with unprecedented confidence and control, and shares her Christmas music from her heart and soul. Her voice has a purity, with just a hint of Scandinavian inflection that adds a touch of exoticism, that is stirring. “When Winter Comes” is undoubtedly one of the top Christmas albums of 2017.”
– Merry and Bright!

“Sofia Talvik’s “When Winter Comes” is a treasure, a time capsule, a collection of life lessons, and a very bright light in the darkness.”
– Stubby’s House of Christmas

“This Sofia Talvik album has found a chink in the armour and its blessings, sentiment and elegance have been embraced.”
– Three Chords and The Truth

Happy Holiday Season!

Winter Concert Tour

It’s time to start my yearly winter concert tour in Europe. Only two days after landing after my U.S tour I’m off for the first shows in Gefrees, Hoyerswerda, Berlin and Ingolstadt, followed by many more shows around Germany and a few in the Netherlands. As by tradition I will perform my own Christmas and winter songs, as well as one or two beloved covers. I also have a new Christmas single for this year that will be released next week. Head over to for the complete list of shows, and make sure you pick up your ticket ahead of time as these events sell out fast.

Live at Liberty Arts

When it’s a rainy day and the tour is nearing its end, it’s nice to look back at some of your favorite shows. My pedal steel player Tim Fleming joined me for a week in Tennessee for Americana Fest at the beginning of this tour and one of our shows was captured on video. Here we are performing at Liberty Arts Center. Thank you so much to Pie for inviting us to play and to the wonderful camera team!

The Far North Down South Tour

It’s been a long hot summer. I’ve had a lot of time to regroup, write some songs and start the recordings of my new album. But these loungey summer days are coming to an end. In just a few weeks I will be back on the road in Lil’Chief for my Far North Down South Tour. The tour starts in Florida and takes me all the way through the heartland over UP, down to the East Coast and back to Florida. The most southern point is North Port, Fl (funny it should be called ‘North’ Port..) and the most northern point is Lutsen, MN. That’s 1811 miles to drive and then back down again, but of course we won’t be going in a straight line. Let’s hope Lil’Chief holds up.

Hope to see you all on the road. You can find all the tour dates here

Blood Moon

Today is going to be a total lunar eclipse in Europe (in celebration of my new album.. 😉 ).  The moon will already be in full phase as it rises and will be totally red. A blood moon. I’m just about to start the recordings of my new album, and lo and behold I have a song called Blood Moon. So last night I decided to record a little live video for all of you to enjoy as you are watching the actual Blood Moon rise. I wrote this song when I was up in Idaho, and the fires there tainted the moon red. We have fires all over Europe this year as well, but this moon is a real blood moon and the longest one of this century with its 1 hour and 43 minutes. My song is not that long, but you can always put it on repeat.